Thattathin Marayathu (English: Under the Shadow of the Veil) is a 2012 Malayalam musical-romantic drama film written and directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, starring Nivin Pauly and Isha Talwar in the lead roles. The supporting cast includes Aju Varghese, Manoj K. Jayan, Sunny Wayne, Sreeram Ramachandran, Bhagath Manuel, Manikuttan, Sreenivasan, and Niveda Thomas. The film was produced by actors Mukesh and Sreenivasan.

The film Thattathin Marayathu is the story about a Hindu boy, Vinod Nair (Nivin Pauly), and a Muslim girl, Aisha (Isha Talwar), falling in love and the conflict arising out of this inter-caste relationship. It was highly successful at the box office. The movie was remade in Telugu as Saheba Subramanyam and in Tamil as Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai

Thattathin Marayathu – Story:

A flashback with little boys, Vinod Nair and his friend, are at the Thalassery pier. Vinod sees a Muslim girl who he finds attractive. He prays to God for her to be his wife.

In the present, Vinod, from a middle class Hindu family, is jailed for trespassing the property of a rich Muslim politician, Abdul Khader. Realizing that he went there to meet the Muslim girl, Aisha, the politician’s niece with whom he’s madly in love, Sub-inspector Prem Kumar and his men request him to tell his love story. He first saw Aisha while attending his friend’s marriage and accidentally collides with her making her fall down a staircase and she ends up in hospital. Vinod goes to the hospital and finds a little girl besides Aisha’s bed. With her help, Vinod leaves a ‘sorry’ letter to Aisha, written using a stencil. Vinod with his friends Abdu and Mustafa tries to win Aisha’s heart for him.

Vinod tries to participate in Daffmuttu in Kannur University Cultural Festival in which Aisha also is participating. He goes to a trainer Najaf, whom durin his 12th standard, Vinod’s friends Nijad and Majid had a gang, Smartboyz. Majid was in love with Fatima and he’s heartbroken that Fatima is in love with Najaf. They decide to take on Najaf and beat him with covered faces. After beating Najaf up, to show some heroism Majid accidentally threw away his driving license along with some money which gets them a payback from Najaf.

Despite this history, Najaf who is now married to Khadeeja, accepts to teach him Daffmuttu. During the cultural festival, Vinod meets Aisha and wishes her a happy birthday. After the festival is over, Vinod goes to Aisha’s house late at night and confesses his feelings. There is no reply from Aisha, but after a few days Aisha reciprocates his feelings by writing a letter. Vinod gets caught after trying to meet Aisha and he winds up his story.

S.I Premkumar lends him his full support to Vinod to help him unite with Aisha. Vinod tries to find a way in exchanging letters with Aisha. He finds Hamza, Aisha’s tutor, a friend of Abdu. Hamza is in love with Vinod’s sister and he agrees to help Vinod. To make money Vinod opens a Purdah shop with the help of Sub-inspector Premkumar and asks Aisha to inaugurate the shop. She agrees to come on Friday afternoon, when she’s alone in her house. Aisha inaugurates the shop and meets Vinod’s parents. While returning, they are blocked by some men, when they see Aisha in the car. After reaching home, Aisha is put into house-arrest by her Uncle Abdul Khader. An accident happens in Khader’s factory, which leads to a communal riot leading to which Aisha’s father Abdul Rahman gets attacked. While in hospital, Khader informs his brother that they are shifting to Trivandrum the next day. Abdul Rahman agrees and Aisha sees Vinod one last time in the night. The next day, Abdul Rahman realises that he should allow Aisha to live with the one she loves. Khader departs and Aisha calls Vinod, but finds that Vinod would be in the sea bridge.

They find him in the sea bridge and Aisha proposes him to marry her. Vinod asks to kiss her which she agrees. The scene shifts back to the first scene at the same sea-bridge where Vinod prays to God to get that beautiful girl he saw. The film ends on the note that “God is quite a guy; even if we forget some of our wishes, He doesn’t.”