Sakhavu is a 2017 Indian Malayalam language drama film, Film written and directed by Sidhartha Siva. It stars Nivin Pauly in dual roles, as a cunning student political leader (Krishnakumar) and a senior social activist & comrade (Sakhavu Krishnan) who fights for his left-wing ideals. The film was released on 15 April 2017.

Krishnakumar aka Kichu is a ruthless youth wing’s leader at district level of his political party. He plans to get into a better position at SFK through crooked ways to destroy the political career of other competitors in his party. He arranges people to beat up his competitor at night.

He gets a call from Kuriachan who is a leader of his political party who tells Kichu to go to hospital and donate blood for a comrade as Kichu is having rare blood group O-ve. Kichu was forced to go to hospital. But he tells his friend that he will by someway get the hell out of there without wasting his time. He makes lot of mess at hospital and tells the acquaintance of the recipient to get food for him. Kichu was thinking that the recipient was someone less known comrade but he was stunned by seeing chief minister paying a visit to see the wounded recipient. Now Kichu is eager to know this so called comrade and asks Prabhakaran(an acquaintance of comrade) about him.

Prabhakaran starts to tell the story of comrade Krishnan. Krishnan was a party member who was sent to Peerumedu by party’s Kottayam district committee to develop their party’s influence there. Krishnan raised voice against the poor wage giving to workers at tea estate but the manager of the estate was not interested in raising the wage. Krishnan led a strike with all the workers and the tea factory was forced to raise the wage. Krishnan’s next move was against a Brahmin land lord. The land lord was giving labour to tamil people for poor wage instead of malayalees. Krishnan and his party talked to the land lord but he didnt negotiate. And the land lord didnt do the cultivation that year. Krishnan and workers started cultivating in the land lord’s land and produced a good yield. They were ready to give the yield to the land lord at a condition that he should give them the proper wage. He was forced to accept.

Krishnan gave word to comrade Janaki’s family that he would marry her. They got married after some events. After some years Krishnan had a stroke and got into partial paralysis. Then he came to know that the old factory where they did their first strike was closed down and workers are in poverty. Krishnan visited a rich man who had got many helps from him and asked him if he can buy that estate and start the factory. He accepted it at a request that Krishnan should be one among in the governal body of the factory. Krishnan accepted this and later came to know that a young man Tony had captured some of the land in the estate. Krishnan ordered him to get his resort closed. Tony stabbed Krishnan after somedays at a night to retain his resort. and thats the story of Krishnan.

Kichu now comes to know that the way he is living is not the way a comrade should live. Krishnan’s surgery was successful and all of them in the hospital was happy. Kichu hesitated to see Krishnan’s face as he had cherished his personality in his heart. Kichu goes to peerumedu with his youth wing comrades and beatsup Tony who stabbed Krishnan and he proclaims that Krishnan’s legend will be continued through them.