My Fan Ramu is a 2013 Malayalam film directed by debutant Nikhil K. Menon, starring Saiju Kurup and Rajeev Pillai in the lead roles. Nivin Pauly plays Guest appearance in this movie. Actor Saiju Kurup has also written the script for the film, produced by Sasi Ayyanchira.


Ramu (Saiju Kurup), who is an ardent film buff, is nurturing exalted hopes of making it big as an actor someday. He is a diehard fan of young macho superstar Abhiram (Rajiv Pillai), the heartthrob of youngsters. Ramu’s father (P.Balachandran) runs a wayside ramshackle tea stall. Ramu looks down upon the lifestyle that has been bequeathed on him by his father. His cinematic ambitions which was going nowhere, suddenly receive a shot in the arm as he manages to emerge winner in a reality show, which offers the winner a chance to spend ten days with superstar Abhiram. Ramu accompanied by his sidekick (Bijukuttan) and a naive moneylender (Guinness Pakru), who is reluctant to let Ramu scot- free before his debt is settled, arrives at the superstar’s home. The Superstar finds himself at his wits end, unable to tolerate the cumbersome threesome, who plays havoc with his privacy.