Da Thadiya is a 2012 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Aashiq Abu, and starring Sekhar Menon, Sreenath Bhasi and Ann Augustine in the lead roles. The cast also includes Nivin Pauly, Arundathi Nag, Maniyanpilla Raju and Edavela Babu. The film was produced by Anto Joseph in association with OPM cinema. DJ Sekhar Menon who had worked as the same in around 500 stages makes his film debut as an actor.

The film released on 21 December 2012 to mixed to positive reviews from critics and audience. As part of the movie’s promotional activities, free tickets were offered toil appeared in the posters of this film.

Da Thadiya – Story:

The film Da Thadiya tells the love story of an obese youth named Luke John Prakash. His close pal is his cousin, a video jockey. Luke comes from a wealthy family, and his grandfather, Prakash was once mayor of Kochi and formed his own political party. Since childhood, Luke was in love with another obese girl named Ann Mary Thadikkaran, whose parents are working in an insurance company. One day, Ann Mary’s parents get a transfer to Ernakulam and she along with her parents shift to Ernakulam. Many years later, Ann Mary comes back to meet Luke in his house and surprisingly she has lost weight. One day, Ann Mary takes Luke to a restaurant. He falls and breaks the chair. Realizing she is not so fond of his obesity, Luke embarks on an Ayurvedic treatment run by Rahul Vaidyar to lose weight. One day, Luke escapes from the Ashram to meet Ann Mary on a Christmas Eve. There he is shocked to realize that Ann Mary is the agent of the Ashram and she does not love him at all. Luke finds out that she is in love with Rahul Vaidyar, who upon seeing him with Ann Mary, does a special punch that brings Luke to the ground. Rahul insults his figure, and says that he is “a mere machine that produces feces”. Luke joins his father’s political party Prakashan Parakkatte and finally becomes a mayor of his place. Ann Mary’s father comes to meet Luke in the Mayor’s office. He is shocked to realize that Rahul Vaidyar is a corrupt person and he is making money by decreasing the self-esteem of many people through advertisements and posters. Luke beats Rahul badly and warns him to stop his business. The story comes back to the present as Luke is waiting for Ann Mary in the beach. Ann Mary says sorry to Luke and proposes to him. But to everyone’s surprise Luke rejects her proposal telling her that he is not her dream boy.