Action Hero Biju is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed and co-written by Abrid Shine in his second directorial venture. The film stars Nivin Pauly in the title role of police inspector Biju Paulose, a sub-inspector with the Kochi City Police. Nivin Pauly, Abrid Shine and Shibu Thekkumpuram produced the film under the banners Pauly Jr Pictures and Full On Studios. The film is written by Muhammad Shafeeq and Shine. Jerry Amaldev composed the original songs, while Rajesh Murugesan composed the background score. Principal photography began in May 2015 and ended in October 2015.

After being postponed several times, Action Hero Biju was released in Kerala on 4 February 2016 and rest of India on 5 February 2016. The film became a commercial success.

The story opens as sub-inspector Biju Poulose (Nivin Pauly) is informed of the location of a few wanted criminals in his jurisdiction. As he corners and apprehends them, he gets injured when one of the criminals stabs him. The story cuts back to a month before the incident when Biju and other officers handle a series of different types of complaints and cases, petty and major, that is registered at the police station.

Biju receives a call from the hospital informing him of a twelve-year-old girl who gets mauled by a dog when she tried to pluck some fruits from a highly influential businessman’s house. Eyewitnesses report that the businessman had purposely let the dog out and Biju sets out to his house to arrest the said person. However, some local politicians try to use their political power to avoid the registration of the case and Biju refuses to do so. Biju tracks the culprit to a club and arrests him.

The next complaint tackled is lodged by a lady who is yet to receive her pending salary. When Biju tries to mediate a negotiation between the employers and the lady, the employers act callously which enrages Biju. He threatens them by shutting down their company for registration inaccuracies if the dues are not paid and the employers immediately comply.

Later, Biju encounters a case of suicide attempt and missing of a Navy personnel who goes after to rescue the woman and child. During the subsequent search operation, he and his sub-ordinates manage to save the life of the woman but the child dies as the people who rescued the child from the river thought she died and emergency services didn’t take her to the hospital on time. This emotionally affects Biju and the search for the missing Navy man fails. Throughout the course of the next few days, he handles different types of cases including that of an auto driver who stalks a woman he loves, bikers without helmet and a drunkard who steals a wireless-set from a careless police officer.

When investigating a substance abuse and battering case by an adolescent he goes after the rising narcotic sales that targets school children, he discovers a group of teenagers purchasing marijuana from a notorious criminal during random vehicle checks. He arrests them in the presence of the magistrate and takes them to police station and uses third degree interrogation on the criminal and informs the parents of the teenagers. Biju after giving warnings lets them off without registering the case to avoid spoiling their future. Later he solves a case regarding eloping of a timid Pavithran’s wife with their daughter.

Biju tackles a case assigned by his superiors whereby some jewelries stolen from a house. Deducing from the clues and circumstances, Biju suspects the housemaid is the thief. He visits her and during interrogation, finds flaws in her alibi. They confirm her as the culprit and arrests her. Meeting her husband and children, a child is a respected SPC student cadet whom he knows; Biju faces moral dilemma when he comes to know the mother did it to pay school fees. Biju half-heartedly follows the law and takes her to station. The film cuts back to the scene in the beginning of the movie. Through an informant he finds out the location of a murderer and his cohorts in hiding. While pursuing to arrest, gets stabbed by one of them. Biju successfully manages to prevent them from escaping until the rest of the police force arrives.

As he is treated for his wounds in the hospital, he jokes with his fiancee that injuries are common in his occupation and that she is free to marry someone else. Later, it is shown that he survived and that he is apprehending another gang of criminals. In the middle of this his father calls and informs him that his wife has given birth to a daughter. He joyfully receives the news but continues his assigned task of arresting the criminals. A voice over briefs that Biju is not a superhero but one of the many dedicated police officers in the state.